"The happiness of a man in this life does not consist in the absence but in the mastery of his passions." –Alfred Lord Tennyson

julietta cuticone


A native New Yorker, Julietta has been a Pilates Instructor for over a decade and has been a practitioner of the method for over seventeen years. While studying theatre in London, Julietta got her first taste of the rigorous discipline which would later define her work, and bring to fruition her innate ability to strengthen and heal. The pivotal point in which Julietta's introduction to the Pilates Method occurred was during an experience she had in one particular class while in the intensive dance/theatre program at the London Studio Centre. This class—at the time referred to as body conditioning—was an integral part of the training at LSC and offered on the alternate days of the dance-training program incorporating much of the Pilates exercises, both on the equipment and on the mat. Moved by this experience and eager to learn more, Julietta returned to the States and enrolled in the Kane School of Core Integration, where she studied under Kelly Kane. She obtained her certification in both equipment and mat through the Kane School of Core Integration.

The discovery of the Pilates Method led Julietta to pursue a deeper understanding and mastery of the work. With these tools, she offers her extensive knowledge and experience individually to each of her clients, addressing specific anatomical goals and needs. Fitness, sports training, pre/post pregnancy, posture and rehabilitation—in concert with a focus on injuries to the neck, shoulder, back, hip, knee and ankle—are all part of her extensive training and expertise. Her organic approach combines the elegance of a dancer with the power and volition of an athlete. Her clientele includes composer Philip Glass, Hallmark Ent. CEO Robert Halmi, jr. and the fitness enthusiast and health conscious in New York City, among others. Julietta's accreditation's include; Kane School of Core Integration, the American Council of Exercise, Red Cross, Adelphi University (BFA) and New York University (MA).

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