"No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of it to anyone else" –Charles Dickens


"I find Pilates to be the most complete and safest form of exercise. The body is trained within the limits of its muscular endurance yet control of movement is never compromised. Pilates exercise movements create a strong abdominal center and an enhanced awareness of how to move the body efficiently and effectively. Muscles are simultaneously lengthened and strengthened. I recommend Pilates to all of my patients, and they are able to continue to rehabilitate themselves post physical therapy and prevent re-injury. In addition, the benefit of increased body awareness allows them to excel in their sports, and have increased energy for the rigors of daily living."
Tamar Amitay, PT — Clinical Director of Physical Therapy, Plus One, Soho

"I had taken Pilates classes for over a year before taking a class with Julietta. After taking only 3 classes with her, my back pain due to a herniated disc had diminished by 80%. The music she plays during class make it a truly enjoyable experience."
Susan Orbach Scott — Senior Associate Broker, Bellmarc Real Estate

"Beyond being an excellent demonstrator of the Pilates Mat Method technique, Julietta is a passionate leader and teacher of the method. At the end of her class one feels two inches taller."
Radu Teodorescu — Radu Physical Culture

"Julietta is the John Coltrane of Pilates!"
Mick Rossi — Musician/Recording Artist

"Pilates body is lean like a dancer, strong like an athlete and agile like a Yogi. The Mat Method is like Yoga in motion with an emphasis on body sculpting."
Don Gatterdam — VP Custom Media at M. Shanken Communications

"I had been rigorously training in the Pilates method for nearly ten years before meeting Julietta. Julietta completely transformed my previous knowledge of what I understood Pilates to be. She is unquestionably the best trainer and teacher I have ever worked with. After two or three lessons with Julietta, my body had visibly changed and I was utterly addicted to her method and her vision regarding the true Pilates technique. Julietta is a true master in this field and I will always be thankful for her incredible guidance and flawless technique."
Wendy Sutter — Concert Cellist

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